Meet Our Staff

Jenn Barlow – Youth Minister (LifeTeen)

Jenn with her husband, Brad, and daughters, Clare & Josephine

Kevin Miller – Youth Minister (Edge)

Kevin with his wife, Savanna

Deacon John Harrison – Pastoral Advisor to Religious Education

Deacon John with his wife, Anne

Katie McGuire – Religious Education Administrative Assistant

Katie with her husband, Chris, and sons James, Dylan, & Tristan

Permission Slips


We have one permission form that covers all events, so parents only need to fill out one form during the registration process. Ample notice will be given for off-site events and service projects, and if you do not want your child to participate in any individual trip, you can let the coordinating youth minister know.

Teens who are not registered in the program can contact Jenn to complete a permission form for off-site activities (Camp Hidden Lake, Steubenville, Catholic Heart Work Camp, Winter Retreat, etc.)

As always, if you have any questions, please call 336-778-0600 ext. 204 or email

Upcoming Events


We are ready for summer with some exciting events and opportunities!
LifeTeen & Edge Orientation // Sunday, Sept. 11 // 6pm
LifeTeen Kickoff Social // Sunday, Sept. 18 // 6pm
Monthly Youth Mass // 1st Sunday of the month, beginning Oct. 2nd // 12:30pm
Summer Trips 2023 Registration // Opens Sunday, Oct. 2nd

For more information about upcoming events, please see the youth ministry bulletin board (located outside Jenn’s office) or contact the office of youth ministry at 336-778-0600 ext. 204 or

Program Requirements


Sacramental Prep for Confirmation

In the Diocese of Charlotte, the Sacrament of Confirmation requires two consecutive years of formation. Typically, this occurs in the 7th and 8th grades (Edge Program).  However, if the student is of high school age, participation in our high school (LifeTeen) program is required.  Participation in Confirmation sessions and retreats are required as follows:

Year 1:  3 monthly Confirmation sessions –  January, February, & March

Year 2:  8 monthly Confirmation sessions – September through March including the Fall and Spring Retreat.

Catholic school, Inter-Generational Faith Formation, and Catholic Home School students are exempt from the requirement to attend Edge or LifeTeen program because of the formation they receive in these schools/programs.  They are still required to attend all Confirmation sessions and retreats.  All other students are required to attend the Edge or LifeTeen Program on Sunday nights.

If a students needs to receive their First Eucharist, they must complete our parish’s First Communion program. Please contact the Office of Faith Formation for further details. Peggy Schumacher can be reached at 336-778-0600 at extension 214. Deacon John may be contacted at 336-778-0600 at extension 220.

If a student misses any of the Confirmation sessions, he or she must complete the Confirmation Make-up assignment found on this website.  Each assignment must be completed and turned in within one week of the missed date.



All high school, middle school and Confirmation youth need to register for LifeTeen, Edge, and Confirmation.

Religious Education registration is now open for 2022-2023 year!!  Please note we will close registration on June 30, 2022.

Registration is online at

Edge (6-8 grades) and Life Teen (High School) will begin Sunday, September 11, 2022.

Program runs from 6:00 to 7:30pm. These programs are for all students in middle and high school.
Teens who need to register for Year One or Year Two Confirmation who are NOT in Catholic school, IFF, or a Catholic homeschool program MUST register for Edge/LifeTeen in addition to Confirmation.

*If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Religious Ed office:

Katie McGuire – Religious Education Administrative Assistant:
336-778-0600 x 205

Jenn Barlow – Youth Minister:
336-778-0600 x 204

Deacon John Harrison – Pastoral Advisor for Religious Education:
336-778-0600 x 220


Peer Ministry


What is Peer Ministry?
It is an opportunity for high school youth to respond to their baptismal call to be a priest (servant), prophet (faith witness) and king (leader) among their peers in youth related events and activities at Holy Family and in the community.
Peer ministers serve as leaders for youth group, music, retreats, service pieces, and more! Teens in Peer Ministry choose his or her commitment level and specific responsibilities.
A peer minister is NOT a counselor or someone who should solve other teen’s problems or issues. A peer minister is NOT above the other teens in the youth ministry program. A peer minister is NOT a teacher with all the answers, but rather someone who serves, witnesses, and leads by example.
Why should I get involved?
You should be a peer minister if you possess the passion and courage to preserve and grow in your relationship with God, serve others, witness your faith (share and spread the Good News), and to build skills to be a leader.
It is a good way to invest yourself in your church and community, as well as develop long-lasting friendships in both areas, thereby building skills and resources that will be useful for the rest of your life. Involvement in peer ministry is good for college applications, employment applications, resumés and other things, too.
Who can be in Peer Ministry?
Peer Minister: Any mature teen (grades 10-12) that is interested in serving other teens, and has at least one year’s experience in the LifeTeen program.
Requires two adult character references.
What Is Expected of Me?
A willingness to serve, a care for others, ability to interact with peers, clergy, adult ministry members and/or leaders, model Catholic values, and a desire to grow in faith. Peer Ministers are expected to attend weekly Life Nights on Sundays, as well as various training and discipleship opportunities throughout the program year.


Please fill out an application: Peer Ministry Application