Youth Ministry Policies


Holy Family Youth Ministry

General Policies

Welcome to Holy Family’s Youth Ministry Program. This little guide is designed to convey basic information regarding our policies and procedures. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Jenn Barlow in the Office of Youth Ministry at 336-778-0600, ext. 204.

Inclement Weather

Check the main page of this website or our parish Website for notification.

If Sunday evening sessions are to be cancelled a decision will be made by 4PM of the day in question.

Permission Slips

Permission slips may be necessary for a youth to participate in some activities sponsored by Holy Family Youth Ministry.  Only adult drivers (21 or older) are allowed to transport teens to and from an activity when they are leaving from and returning to Holy Family. Any activity in which the group is meeting off campus and will be picked up at the same location may be transported by anyone authorized by the parents of the participant.

Dress Code

Please come to youth dressed respectfully. Modest clothing is an important part of chastity. If clothing is too revealing, an adult may ask you to go home to change.

Scholarships for Youth Events

Please contact the Office of Youth Ministry to make arrangements.

Code of Conduct

Youth Expectations

-Be punctual; late arrivals are often disruptive. Try to arrive a few minutes early if possible.

-During large group presentations, please raise your hand if you have a question or comment

-Once you enter the Family Center or Youth Building, you are expected to stay for the duration of the session. The youth ministry staff and volunteers assume responsibility for your safety. We take this task very seriously. If you must leave a session early, please provide us a note from a parent or guardian explaining the circumstance.

-Be cooperative and actively participate

-Please refrain from using your cell phone

-Be respectful when someone else is speaking or “has the floor”

-No public displays of affection

Typical Disciplinary Course of Action*

-If a youth is disruptive, a member of the youth ministry staff and another adult will pull the student aside for a private discussion and a warning.

-If the disruptive behavior continues, Deacon John Harrison, a member of the youth ministry staff and another adult will pull the student aside to explain expectations further.

-If the negative behavior continues, we will call your parent/guardian to discuss the matter.

*Depending on the severity of the rule breaking, appropriate action will be taken, which could result in a warning, a meeting with Deacon John, or a phone call home to parents.


Registration and Health History forms are available from the Office of Youth Ministry.  Tuition fee is based on a graduated scale; one child is $65, two children is $125, three is $180, four or more is $225. An additional sacramental fee of $65 is required for all students preparing for a sacrament. Tuition fees for students of teachers participating weekly in the program this year are waived but the sacramental fee is not.  Tuition fees for students of aides this year are 50%, not including the sacramental fee. Financial aid is available upon request. Please call the Youth Ministry Office for more information.

Parking Lot Policies

Middle School: For security reasons all middle school students must be dropped off and picked up at the covered walkway along side of the church.  You come in the Drive-Way closest to Strafford Road there is a police officer there to help control the flow of traffic into two lines for the Drop Section. Middle School students should not be walking through the parking lot unescorted.

High School: High school students may meet their parents at their parked car. Older youth who drive are welcome to walk to their vehicles. Parents of both middle school and high school students may pick up all their children at the covered walkway in front of the church.

For security reasons, the doors in the parish center will be locked.

The circle drive in front of the Curlin Center will be CLOSED on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. All vehicles must be parked in a legal parking space. This is for the safety of all the youth.

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