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Welcome to the Holy Family Youth Ministry website! Here you will find up-to-date information about our programs: Edge (middle school), LifeTeen (high school), and Confirmation. Please note that all calendars are subject to change, especially this year as we navigate COVID-19.

To sign up to help with the Children’s Consignment Sale on Oct 29-31, please click the link below:

At this time, Edge and LifeTeen Sunday night program will take place in our Zoom meeting rooms. Edge will meet at 6pm, and LifeTeen will meet at 7pm. Zoom meetings will run approximately 45 minutes. All Proclaims (talks) are posted on our YouTube page (Holy Family Youth), and teens are encouraged to watch these before program. Starting in November, we will come together in-person once a month for specific grades (6th & 7th, 9th-12th, 8th & Confirmation). These nights are posted in the LifeTeen, Edge, and Confirmation menus under “Calendar.”

Additionally, we host Wednesday night program, which alternates in-person and online meeting. Check the Drop In calendars posted under the LifeTeen and Edge drop down menus to find more information.

In Christ,

Jenn Barlow & Kevin Miller

Youth Ministers